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This is the first ever Space Yacht print drop. All prints were made in Venice, CA by world-class printers who supply some of SoCal's most popular artists and photographers. The image is printed on Moab "Slickrock Metallic" paper stock, which makes the image jump off the page, creating a 3D look. This is not a poster! This is a fine art print that could hang in any art gallery and produced with the highest quality materials. Measures 18" x 24"

This is an edition of 25 prints only, making "Slice Of Happiness" a true Space Yacht collectors item.  We highly recommend getting this piece framed professionally to protect the artwork and for proper display at home.

ABOUT THE ARTWORK: "Slice of Happiness" was a collaboration between Space Yacht and digital animator, Sahir Khan. The artwork was initially created as part of the Space Yacht "Iconography Collection" which dropped at the end of 2020 on Nifty Gateway as a series of NFTs. The idea behind the collection was to re-imagine Space Yacht's core imagery from the past 5 years. For those that have attended our events, you may have enjoyed a slice of pizza on the dance-floor at 1am (something we do at every Space Yacht event) or copped one of our pieces of merch featuring rave smileys. "Slice Of Happiness" combined those themes to create a truly original piece of art that captures the spirit of Space Yacht. Please note that this edition is not connected to the original NFT.