Space Pass FAQs


Are payment plans offered?

When checking out, you will have the option to pay in 4 installments through Shop Pay. Shop Pay may perform a soft credit check, but it will not affect your credit.

If I don’t live in LA, is this pass worth it?

While we are throwing events outside of LA and the Space Pass will cover most, the majority of our shows will be in the Los Angeles area and in cities on the West Coast.

I had a Space Pass NFT last year. Do I automatically get a pass?

The benefits of the 2022 Space Pass NFT were exclusively for the 2022 season. Think of it as an annual pass, except this year we switched it up to be in a physical form to give more people the opportunity to get these benefits.


I bought my pass. Now what?

You will receive an email with a special code that you will text to 323-364-6336. Don’t freak out if you don’t receive the code immediately. We are personally sending you the emails and they are not automated. Once you text this code, you will be sent a link to complete the registration of your pass. Once your pass is registered, you will be sent a welcome email within 48 hours with all of the details of how to use your pass, including the Space Pass Launch Pad, which is where you will find all of the links to the Space Pass events.

My card hasn’t arrived yet. Do I need to wait until I receive it to go to an event?

Since each pass is personalized and engraved, there is a chance your pass may arrive after Space Pass events have started. If you have filled out the guest list request form for the event you want to attend, you are good to go even if you don’t have your physical pass.

What happens if I lose my card?

Passholders are provided guestlist links for each individual show so your physical pass isn't 100% necessary. It is mostly a souvenir that also helps checking in be an easier process. You also have the option to replace your pass for a fee.

I want to attend an event with my Space Pass. Is there anything I need to do?

To attend a Space Yacht event with your Space Pass, you will reserve your guestlist spot through the Space Pass guest list request form for each individual event. The easiest way to get to these forms will be through the QR code on your pass but we will also text and email you when a new event is added.

When is the latest I can add myself to the guest list?

The latest time you can add yourself to the guestlist is 6 PM on the day of show. 

I missed the reservation window. Can I still flash my pass at the door?

This is risky. If the event reaches capacity, the venue may not honor a Space Pass without a reservation. The best way to ensure your entry to an event is by filling out a guest list request.

How do I find the Space Pass discount code for apparel and products?

This discount code can be found through the Space Pass Launch Pad that can easily be accessed through the QR code on your pass.

Can a friend use my space pass? 

No. The Space Pass is only valid for the person whose name is engraved on the card.

Will my pass work for [insert non-Space Yacht show]?

No. Your pass does not cover other shows at the venues we work with. All of the events covered by your pass will be found on the Space Pass Launch Pad site. If it is not there, your pass will not get you entry.

Does my pass cover Space Yacht boat parties?

Unfortunately boat parties are one of the few events this pass does not apply for due to the boat’s limited capacity. We’re working towards getting passholders an exclusive discount for these events.

Is the Space Pass refundable?

The deadline to cancel your Space Pass and receive a refund is Mar 1, 2023. For more details, refer to the terms and conditions.

If you have any other questions, please text (323) 364-6336.