Space Yacht x Crimson Child announce Eleventh Hour LP

Space Yacht x Crimson Child announce Eleventh Hour LP

The launch of Space Yacht Records has been a dream come true for me and Hiddenhen. We’ve been blown away by the response to our first three singles. Each one has had its own flavor and style and our next one is no different. We’ve just announced the first track off of The Eleventh Hour LP – a full-length album from Vancouver-based DJ and producer, Crimson Child. We couldn’t be more excited about this project.

While the style of the album is different from other Space Yacht releases so far, we’re excited to branch out and have dubbed the album “the soundtrack to the apocalypse”  – fitting for the WE ARE SO F🙂CKED mantra we’ve all been living by.

“Consecration” featuring HVDES will be the first track from the album, a perfect introduction to the cinematic experience you can expect from the LP as a whole.

Of all of our releases, Crimson Child is the least club-oriented and yet the most musically progressive. Yashar’s music pushes the bounds of what bass music can be and where it’s headed. HVDES has been a member of the Space Yacht family since day one. We’ve loved seeing her grow as a vocalist on top of her excellent production.

As Crimson Child continues to define his own presence in the industry, we admire his transparency as a creative and see big things in store for this project. Below is an inside look on the album’s artistic process from the mastermind himself.


11 and one months before the time of this written recording, I set out to Bowen Island, BC in search of something. At the time I had no idea what that might be, and as I went through the process of booking an Airbnb in the middle of the woods, I steeled myself for the week in isolation.

Upon arriving at the cabin (following an hour or so’s hike from the ferry terminal) with some snacks and weed to sustain myself, I removed a rusty typewriter from the bedside table which looked as if it had been there for decades and in its place laid my MacBook Pro. Ableton would be my parchment paper.

I came to that place with no goal besides to create art honestly, and with as little judgment as possible. I left with the scaffolding of what would become my first studio album, the parts and pieces which in time would be added onto live piano, guitar, strings, choir, synthesizers – played by some of the most talented studio musicians on the planet.

These pieces became an exploration of the way my mind works. How I lay out my problems in front of me and build them up to their boiling point, until all I can do is to seek the path of least resistance. How I keep those closest at arm’s length because I can't bear to share my worries and anxieties lest they become real once spoken aloud.

l hope that when listening to my work your mind can be transported into mine, at least for a moment, and you can forget your troubles and be swept up into the sky overlooking somewhere between pain and creation.


Listen to “Consecration” on all platforms November 11, accompanied by an hour-long Crimson Child livestream performance at 11:11pm PT.

Stay tuned for the full release of Eleventh Hour early 2021.