Space Yacht launches its music division with a D&B heater from CLB & Formula

Space Yacht launches its music division with a D&B heater from CLB & Formula

After spending the last five years throwing events around the globe, we decided it was time to launch our own label imprint to help showcase the next generation of talented electronic music producers.  Our vision for this label is to create a diverse catalog of music across many different styles and genres similar to the way we book our events.  We also want to be a source of new music discovery for YOU! With that in mind, we'll be releasing new tracks every week, along with compilations and even a few albums thrown in the mix!

One of the exciting things for our producer community is that we will make all stems available for download on our website and we will encourage our people to create remixes and bootlegs, which has always been part of the culture of electronic music.


We found our first single "Moving Forward", on Tune Reactor. If you're not familiar, Tune Reactor is a live show on Twitch that we do three days a week where we review demos and WIPs from the Space Yacht community.  CLB had sent over the tune and we instantly fell in love with it.

HENRY (co-founder)

“When "Moving Forward" landed on our Tune Reactor show on Twitch, we were instantly blown away. Part of it was the hook that came from the track’s co-producer and lyricist, Formula. ‘No matter how hard you try, you try to stay alive. You keep on moving forward’ was spot on in terms of what we were feeling in 2020, yet timeless in that it describes something we all do every day, and have done since the beginning of time--survive. We knew right away we wanted to work with this piece of art somehow, so we decided to launch our label with it."

LONDONBRIDGE (co-founder) 

"Henry and I had been thinking about what track we wanted to launch the label with. I really wanted to make a statement and do something a bit left field from what people were expecting.  That same day, we heard "Moving Forward" and we both knew it was the one. DnB was my first love in electronic music. I love the fact that we are launching our label with an absolute DnB banger!"